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From The Heart

Respected Ma'am,
Great teachers enlighten students!! Thank you all class 11th teachers for working hard and supporting all the children. It has been a great year for my child Simran (XI-D), with your guidance she has developed into a confident and capable child. Our once introvert child's personality has bloomed open like a beautiful fragrant flower ever since being tended by a lovely gardener in the form of teachers like you. A special thanks to Mrs Reena ma'am as you encourage every child to grab every opportunity along the way. That learning will make them triumphant in life! Efforts of all the teachers are highly appreciated thank you for helping my child to explore new ways of doing things. Really happy to see my child's progress It's a blessing to be a part of BGS family.
(simran XI-D)

Respected Ma'am,
Greetings, I would like to take the opportunity for giving a feedback about my daughter's experience and wisdom inheritance in class 11th. I am overwhelmed by seeing the growth , the expansion of knowledge and skills in my child. Moreover I am happy to see the development and discipline all over. I would like to give my heartiest gratitude to each teacher for their constant support and appreciations as to maintain a healthy relationship with the student which enhances the confidence of my child . I would like to address my special thanks to Ms Savinder Kaur (class teacher ) and Ms Reena Ma'am and Ms Shampa Ghosh for their understanding and assistance towards my child , their constant help and support throughout. Ms Suneela ma'am for bringing out and explaining the mental peace and for being always there to guide with her positive nature which helps in making and binding trust forward. One thing I notice that changed is the confidence level and curiosity to think ,analyse and even ask more relevant stuff in general . My daughter is trying to have a clearer version of things she wanted to achieve which is possible as.. The pattern of school helps and prepares the child to think bigger and work harder to pursue it .....hope it continues in the future as well.
Thanks and Best wishes
Peeush Kumar
(Prakarshi Kumar ...11th D)

Respected Ma'am,
Efforts bear fruit when the intention is progressive. The school asking for and valuing our feedback is the first indication of focus on all round progress of all it's elements. It is a pleasure to be able to share the highlights of the year gone by. Angad( Class 2 C) has grown so much academically this year. The key points shared by the teachers during parent-teacher interactions have helped us focus specifically on the areas he required attention in. Seeing him do so well in the exams as well as the Olympiads is highly rewarding. He got exciting opportunities to participate in inter-school competitions. It becomes a project for the entire family whenever he gets a chance to perform on any stage. We feel engaged ourselves when the coordinating teachers get in touch with us to share the practice points to enhance his overall performance. This write-up is incomplete without an applause for the annual day celebrations this year. The massive scale and vibrancy of the entire program was breath taking. It was Angad's first time participating in the Honours Day ceremony and he was comfortable throughout the preparation, practice and performance schedule. Three cheers for the entire team at BGS, teachers and students alike who put up a rocking show every time. Looking forward to many more years ahead of us.
Davinder Kaur
(Mother of Angad Jha)

Respected Ma'am,
I wish to mention few words for sharing my perspective towards the wonderful year my daughter "Yashika Yadav" completed in class-II A in the school. I am very pleased with the support my daughter received from her teachers concerning her education, behaviour, skills and overall development. I strongly feel a lot of positive changes in her within the last year and I am heartily thankful to her teachers for their tutoring & supervision. Her 100% attendance in the class during this year is a symbol of her enthusiasm towards her class and love for her teachers. I am very thankful to Ms.Vaishali Chaturvedi, her class teacher, for nurturing and developing the Yashika’s academic and social skills, always encouraging her for participating in various in-house activities, inter-school competitions, and keeping a close watch on her overall development &channelising her energy in a very precise manner. The result is that Yashikahas become a more confident child, ready to deal with matters independently and in a positive way. At home, she takes responsibility for her learning, her scholastic activities &work assigned to her & stays on task with very little supervision. She has a well-developed vocabulary in both English and Hindi and chooses words with care, expresses ideas clearly, both verbally and through writing.She makes a logical and persuasive argument about her likings. So, I largely feel very positive and confident about the overall development of my child. I am very thankful to all her teachers for their support.
Pradeep Kumar Yadav (Father of Yashika Yadav)

Dear Ms. Gupta / BGSIPS Management Team,,
This is to share some feedback on the recently held Honours ' Day on 16th Nov, which left me impressed and gratified as a parent and a PTA member. 1. Leadership - I found the entire management of the event well planned and well executed, in spite of all the challenges posed by Delhi's circumstances. When you see an event of this scale take place flawlessly in a difficult environment where each stakeholder group (children, parents, teachers, vendors, local authorities) needs to be managed, you know that there is a strong leadership working in the backstage. I was personally amazed to see the Principal of a school stand in front of the stage and coordinate each and every detail of the dry run prior to the big event - this inspires every teacher and student to go the extra mile! 2. Story-telling - I have attended a lot of such functions where the acts are entertaining and full of message. however one additional attribute that stood out in most of the individual class stories was the intense narrative - I could see parents were deeply touched by the appeal in climate change, the agony of Yamuna, the cry of Draupadi, the fate of Eklavya... The words used by the narrator, and the background music and visuals that complimented it, all seemed to cast a spell on the audience. I have been associated with fine arts and theatre and know that this level of impact only comes from creativity combined with practice. 3. Teamwork - Nothing appeared to be a one man show. The acts came together as a unit, where there were clear signs of teaching coordination and collaboration to students if they want to perform well on stage . The principle of 100% participation stood out and it deserves enough recognition of how such big massive groups could be managed, end to end. And of course organising the event in the open playground was so welcome, in the conducive weather!Overall, I applaud the entire team for their efforts and it was an honour to attend the Honours’ Day.
Avinav Goel
Father of Avneesh Goel
Class ID

Respected Ma'am,,
"A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step", indeed....the first step I took was to ensure my son gets admission to this premier Institution. My son Arsh has been a part of this esteemed institution for 3 years now, and I must admit I am quite surprised by his growth. The values that have been inculcated in him will clearly be the driving force during this wonderful journey called "LIFE". The kind of attention that every student at BGS gets is truly astounding. I would like to sincerely thank Principal Ma'am, without her unstinted support and hard work this would never have been a reality. Last but not the least, I would like to thank Shraddha Ma'am for the terrific work she has done. As a parent I can understand how challenging it is to handle kids at home, but here at BGS they have done it with ease. A heartfelt thanks to everyone at BGS for the excellence they have delivered and I am proud to be a part of this wonderful family called BGS !!!!!!!!!
Rohit Srivastava
Father of Arsh Srivastava Class I C

Respected Ma'am,
My son M. Vasanth is studying in Class IV D during the session 2019-20. I noticed very good jump in his interest in studies and extracurricular activities. That is because of the support and encouragement getting from his school teachers. His talent was noticed very early in this session by her class teacher Jyotsna Ma'am and encouraged him to participate in NSO Science Olympiad. He succeeded the competition and won Silver Medal in the exam. Maths teacher Manisha Ma'am inspired Vasanth very much and helped in participating the Inter School Competition on Mental Maths in Mathephilia held at Mount Carmel School. She always keep students practicing mathematical skills. Kudos to her for using Flip learn app very well by giving holiday assignments and also at the time of preparing PTs. Vasanth has improved his communication skills both in English and Hindi because of his teachers Hema Bhatnagar Ma'am and Manjuli Ma'am. Overall he improved himself considerably because of BGS. We are very proud to be part of BGS family.
With regards,
Muthuraman C,
F/o M. Vasanth, Class IV D

Respected Ma'am,
Undoubtedly, I can affirm and very proudly state that as a parent I took the right decision of admitting my child Nishit (std.4, sec A) to this prestigious school. A school is considered as the 2nd home for a child and it is very imperative that children are given the love and nourishment that they receive at their respective homes. This school has fared well in this regard and has provided the proper growth and enrichment (physical, mental and intellectual) that a child requires for his/her overall development. Finally and particularly, I would like to thank the teachers for their love, guidance, dedication and quality teaching that has immensely helped my child to develop in a healthy manner. Thank you
Alka Rai
(Mother of Nishit, Class IV A)

Respected Ma'am,
I thank Abha Ma’am and the entire team of class 9 for their hard work in supporting all the students as they develop. Their patience and commitment in supporting my child means a lot to me. With their guidance, my son Raghav has developed into a confident and capable child. Thank you for being such an important part in my child’s development. The HQ classes conducted by the Principal have brought a sense of maturity in the students. Students have also got additional mental and emotional support through various committees that the school has formed like POCSO, Disciplinary committee, School-safety, and School disaster management. As we all know that Class 9 is considered to be the base for higher classes. A strong support of all the teachers is appreciated that helped students manage and grab that extra level without getting over-burdened. All class 9 students are in their teens, that is a sensitive stage. I can completely understand how challenging it is for all class 9 teachers to handle a class full of teenagers in an effective way. I wanted to share a note of appreciation for Amrita Ma’am (Class teacher 9B) for maintaining a perfect balance between being a teacher and a mentor. She is strict when needed and a good friend of kids at other times. Hats off to Amrita Ma’am. I really would like to thank the whole BGSIPS family for making such a wonderful platform for the mutual benefit of child, parents & teachers. This is not only beneficial for all of us in terms of knowledge but also in making a strong interpersonal bond for future endeavors. Regards
Dr. Renuka Gupta
Mother of Raghav Gupta
Class IX-B

Respected Ma'am,
As this session comes to an end, I would like to thank and convey my regards to the entire faculty of BGSIPS for their relentless efforts in moulding our kids towards their better future. Apart from guiding the kids in academics, the school focuses on individual learning capabilities of the students in co-curricular activities and helps them to nourish the same. Kids cherish their previous class teachers and also adapt to the new teachers with comfort and ease which would not be possible without the wonderful support of the entire faculty. I thank BGSIPS for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts. I wish the School reaches many more heights and helps kids in achieving their goals with their sustained love and support. Thanks & Regards
Lakshmi Mohan

Namaste and Many Greetings!
This is Saumya Mishra's father. I am very happy for my child to have such an amazing journey with school for almost nine years and still going great...I feel that the school BGSIPS is not only an institution but also a home away from home with learned teachers who take care of student studying in school like their own child. Bonding of teachers and students are always seen for growth. These teachers are very kind and their hard work is much appreciated. We all know that children face many new things and challenges in class 9, still we are very lucky that our children have the support and blessings of their gurus who constantly praise students and keep their morale high. Students are also loaded and well trained for extra curricular activities with the support of teachers. PTM held in regular intervals grooms bonding of parent and teachers. Feedback/suggestions from both end helps in grooming child well. Last but not the least everything is great because of the hard work by everyone. Thanking you ,
Have a great day ahead!,
With Gratitude Santosh Mishra,

Respected Ma'am,
I am sincerely trying to write a review of the school of which we have been a part of since last fourteen years. I don't find myself eligible enough to review such a bunch of teachers who have been working hard all those years. I really appreciate all the cooperation the teachers have been imparting through last two years, be it Meetali Ma'am, Aparna ma'am, Jha sir, Anupama Ma’am, Thara Ma’am.I extend my gratitude to Principal ma'am for all her guidance and motivation over the years and all the teaching , non teaching staff as I see them as a part of this long term association. I really feel nostalgic when I imagine my son Akshat completing his school education from this esteemed school to be a part of a different form of education. Thanking all of you.
Shankar Kumar

Respected Ma'am,
My daughter Vaidehi has been studying in this school for the past 14 years. Truly, time flies by. Our journey with this school has been wonderful. This institution has shaped my child into a better person. The teachers are very co-operative , responsible and sincere. The Principal is the best example a student can have for discipline, leadership and management skills. Students are encouraged in every aspect be it cultural, social or academic. Thanking You,
With Regards,
Dharmesh Kumar Gupta
Class XII

Respected Ma'am,
BGSIPS is a great academic institution that is helping the overall development of every child. My child is studying in class VI. As the year is coming to an end, I as a parent want to thank all the teachers of class VI. Their guidance has really boosted the capabilities of my ward. Frequent parent teacher interactions have a very effective in monitoring the weaknesses and channelizing the strength of any child. What makes BGS different from other schools is the friendly and approachable attitude of the Principal. We are proud to be a part of BGS family.
Mother of HardikMarwah VI-B

Respected Ma'am,
Times whizz by, and more so, the good ones. So has been this academic year
Without exaggeration, perfection is becoming more of a norm in BGS. It gives profound satisfaction to us parents, to learn of all the good things about the school. I would really like to congratulate and thank everyone out there for making it the No. 1 School in Delhi in the Individual Attention category. There is nothing more resounding for we parents than to get these regular re-inforcements to make us feel proud and at times brag as well, when provoked though. And we also know where all this positive energy stems from. The Principal Ma'am seems to have embarked on voyage to excellence, and we fortunately we have been enjoying the fruits though. All I can say is that Naman really enjoys and looks forward to going back to school every morning without grumble. We have observed him pick up the necessary Life Skills gradually and appreciate the Core Values in life, apart from the academics. This is a very pleasant experience as a parent. Thanks you all for everything you do so meticulously to enrich our children. Really appreciated :-)
Thanks and Regards,
Shekhar Aryan.

Respected Ma'am,
I have been affiliated with BGSIPS for many years. Both my children have acquired immense knowledge and important life qualities while attending this school. I want to make a special mention to the teachers of class VI. I’m grateful to them for constantly encouraging and supporting my daughter to give her best. Thank you principal Ma'am and all the teachers for all your esteemed guidance.
Sonal Sharma ( Saina Sharma)

Dear Priti Ma'am,
Times whizz by, and more so, the good ones. So has been this academic year. Without exaggeration, perfection is becoming more of a norm in BGS. It gives profound satisfaction to us parents, to learn of all the good things about the school. I would really like to congratulate and thank every one out there for making it the No. 1 School in Delhi in the Individual Attention category. There is nothing more resounding for we parents than to get these regular re-inforcements to make us feel proud and at times brag as well, when provoked though. And we also know where all this positive energy stems from. The Principal Ma'm seems to have embarked on voyage to excellence, and we fortunately we have been enjoying the fruits though. All I can say is that Naman really enjoys and looks forward to going back to school every morning without grumble. We have observed him pick up the necessary Life Skills gradually and appreciate the Core Values in life, apart from the academics. This is a very pleasant experience as a parent. Thanks you all for everything you do so meticulously to enrich our children. Really appreciated :-)
Thanks and Regards,
Shekhar Aryan.
India: +91-9818324095

Dear Poonam Ma'am and BGS Team. ,

This is to acknowledge and appreciate the wonderful show BGS has put up on the annual day. What a grandeur, elegance, subject selection and breathtaking performances. All the shows were really very top class. Hard work of teachers, students, coordinators and support staff was clearly visible. Some real amazing talent being nurtured under your able leadership. Yamuna, Rani Laxmi Bai, Razia Sultan, other performances were truly outstanding from any standard. Please accept my heartiest best wishes and compliments for carrying out another memorable event.
Best wishes always.

18 November, 2019,

Dear Poonam Ma'am and BGS Team. ,

It is a great pleasure to tell you that the Honour's day function was very well organized and way beyond our expectations.
Right from the beginning to the end there was not drop in the energy level. The scene of more than 1500 kids perform at a single time was breathtaking and well coordinated. We would like to thank and congratulate the entire team who was a part of this grand show. We are proud of having our children being a part of this wonderful show and school which imparts values and cultural exposure. Kudos !!!
With kind regards

Yours Sincerely

Yugam Ray Chaudhury
19 November, 2019,

Respected Principal Ma'am ,

We are very glad to know that you were awarded the torch bearer of Dwarka  and the best principal award for 2010.
We would like to congratulate you and the whole school for also the ECampus award for digital learning. 

With kind regards

Yours Sincerely

Mrs Uma Dhyani

Dear Ma'am ,
Gives us immense pleasure to let you know that over a period of time the exhibition has been doing tremendously well. We were deeply impressed to see the amazing handicrafts done by the junior classes. The crafts done by seniors was equally fascinating.

Felt  really good to see all levels of students taking equal interest in their work / exhibition.
Great job done by all the students of BGSIPS. The effort of both students and teachers clearly reflects a good team work in all the events organised by the School.
Feels really proud to be part of the BGSIPS Family.
Sanjeev & Mickey
P/o  Sophin Chhettri (Class IV A) & Maisha Chhettri (Class I B)

Dear Ma'am ,
First of all I would like to congratulate School management for successfuly organizing the event, its nice to see that participation is their for each and every project to motivate the students.

Anoop Sharma
P\o Garv
Level III D

Respected principal Ma'am ,
After visiting project exhibition and science exhibition, we are feeling very proud that my son sarthak is a student of bgsips. exhibition was superb, infact we have no words. all students were full of confidence especially in science exhibition. coordination of teachers-students was excellent. our daughter is not bgsips student but after getting the experience of bgsips i will try to get admit in your school.
Congratulations for this project exhibition.
D.K Sharma

Respected principal Ma'am ,

It was an exciting experience to watch as the program unfolded to Perfection. I must congratulate you and your team on this huge effort where attention  was visible in everything  that you did from stage setting to show’s concept and execution.
Mr. Anil

Two years and four months of teaching in BGS International School at Dwarka  had been the most satisfying and rewarding experience in my teaching career. The discipline in the school and the bonding among the teachers is one of the best that I have seen so far. The organised way of going about each activity in the school and Principal’s personal involvement in attending to minute details to make any event a great success is what has inspired me a lot, which I have imbibed for myself. The team spirit among the staff and the perseverance for a common goal of imparting the best quality of all round training to the students, which was Principal Madam’s vision for which we all strived, is yet another great memory that I cherish.
I would like to convey my deepest gratitude to Principal and to the school for having given me this wonderful opportunity to be a part of this prestigious team. I wish the school many more laurels and great results in the years to come.

with warm regards
Preetha Balchandran
Ex Science Teacher

When I became a mother, more than a teaching institution, I was looking for a second home, which imbibed in my kids, all the values, I held so precious.

And then we SPOTTED (actually!!) the white and blue building of BGS. We met the PRINCIPAL whose friendly and approachable  attitude proved contrary to the popular and UNFIT Practice of “Principals being inaccessible”, which told us that I had come to the right place.

Very soon, I realized that the teachers were patient, receptive, understanding, gentle and yet righteous. The perfect anchors to any child’s highly inquisitive impatience.

The atmosphere was positive, welcoming and conducive to growth. Within a year, my elder one also become a part of BGS. We have been members of BGS family for the past three years now and WE ARE PROUD TO BE!

In BGS, I see an institution capable of generating healthy, happy, confident young men and women, capable of becoming responsible adults who dare to achieve dreams.

Mrs. Khurana
M/O. Shreyas-Class XI & Karmanya – Class III

This is to convey our congratulations to you and the staff of the School on the successful organization of School’s Annual Day Function. We have been to many countries and seen such functions in others schools too where my sons studied, but the one organized by your School was the best.
Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Pradeep K. Yadav
BGSIPS is one of the established schools in Dwarka which believes in simplicity and value based education system. Building self confidence amongst students is one of the great feature of the school. This is perhaps the only school that does not believe in putting unnecessary pressure/ burden on the students. The blessing of the Shri  Bala Gangadharanatha Swamiji will certainly take the school a long way in developing the Indian values.
Preeti  Yadav
It is one of the best schools in Dwarka. Inspired by Swamiji’s ideologies, the school is rendering  yeoman service to the society by instilling noble virtues in its pupils and also facilitating their all round development. I congratulate the  school  for its great efforts.

Dr. Amitabh Kumar
Twinkle Verma
School Timing: Montessori Dept: 7:50 a.m to 12:30 p.m | I to XII : 7:50 a.m to 2:00 p.m